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Why are acam different...

Acam Music is a friendly, industrious and energetic music school dedicated to making music fun for all its students. When you are a member of Acam you have lots of other musicians all playing their own instruments - this means that you have the opportunity to meet these people and do projects with them like forming a band, experimenting with combining different instruments or singing in harmony. If you have something youíve always wanted to do we will do our best to make it happen.

We already have a range of one to one and group courses so please feel free to browse through the courses page to find one that would suit your particular requirements  


we teach

VOICE - Singing  WOODWIND - Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone & Recorder.  STRINGS - Violin, Viola, Guitar & Ukulele. KEYBOARD Instruments - Keyboard & Piano - THEORY  &  AURAL



Through ACAM Music it is possible to be entered for examinations from all of the major examining boards such as the Associated Board (ABRSM), Trinity, Trinity Rock and Rock School.

Did you know you can do exams in pop singing? With help from your teacher you can choose your own songs to sing (even ones that have only just come out) and gain qualifications from them.

At the higher grades we can help gain you points for university entrance if you need it. Maybe youíre a teen who loves singing karaoke. With some training from us you could sing 5 of your favourite songs to an examiner you could get as many as 75 UCAS points: Thatís worth 15 points more than getting an A in an AS Level for doing something that you probably do for fun anyway!

No matter how young or old you are you can take music exams. You could be a keen 10 year old who is already good enough to take Grade 8 or an adult starting from scratch. We have had many students who have been selected to play in the Associated Boardís High Scorers Concerts: This is a great honour as itís celebrating the achievements of those who got the highest marks in exams set by a world-renowned examining board. One such student is Vicky Osborne who decided to take up the viola in her mid-30s and achieved distinction level in her Grade 1 exam.  

  It's just over a year since I started studying the viola at Acam Music and in that short time my achievements have been remarkable; I've passed my grade 1 viola exam achieving a distinction, I've been invited to perform at the prestigious ABRSM high scorer's concert, I've taken up a second instrument in the form of the classical guitar and I'm set to take my Grade 3 theory of music exam in a couple of weeks. As a mature student I'm really proud of the successes that I've realised and much of the credit for them goes to the patience, knowledge and enthusiasm shown by my teacher. (Vicky Osborne)
Click Here for more information on UCAS points    

no exams?

Of course, not every student's aim in learning a musical instrument or singing is to enter for exams.

Lessons and courses are tailored to the needs and aims of the students in order to draw out their full musical potential.


ACAM Music provide performance opportunities throughout the year for interested students.

Generally, these concerts are linked to charity fundraising and over the years we have raised substantial amounts for Macmillan Nurses and Cynthia Spencer Cancer charities.


Why not buy a gift voucher as a present for a friend or member of your family? Maybe someone you know has always wanted to take music lessons or loves to sing - so surprise them with a gift that could change their lives!


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